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Beach Bags Offer Fun Summer Reading Activities
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Dixon Class Field Trips and Picnic

Grade:                         Field Trip Destination                         Date:                Picnic Date:
Preschool                     Bounce Around in Boardman               May 15th             May 30th
Kindergarten                Oh Wow! Children’s Museum             May 15th             May 30th  
1st Grade                      Wagon Trails Animal Park                  May 2nd              May 28th 
2nd Grade                     Lanterman’s Mill/Ford Nature Ctr.     May 16th            May 23rd 
3rd Grade                     Austintown Skate Zone                       May 21st             May 29th
4th Grade                     YMCA                                                May 28th            May 22nd 
5th Grade                     Austintown Skate Zone                       May 14th            May 16th

*All class picnics are at Firestone Park

With spring weather come shorts, skirts and tank tops-which of course have regulations associated with them in the School District’s Dress Code Policy.  As a reminder:

SHORTS:  Shorts are permitted and should reach AT LEAST the child’s fingertips when the child’s arms are held down at their side.

TANK TOPS:  Tank tops and halter tops are NOT PERMITTED at any time.

SKIRTS:  Please follow the same guidelines as you do with shorts.
Remember, too, that during the spring most of our recesses are outside.  Appropriate footwear is essential as well.

EXTREME HAIR STYLES are not permitted.  Specifically mohawks.  Save those cuts for summer.

Full Dress Code Policy begins on page 13 of the student handbook.

Thank you

Thank you to all parents who volunteered in classrooms this year.  We are very grateful for all of the time and hard work you put forth for the students.
To our dedicated and caring PTO, the students and staff at Dixon thank you and we have enjoyed all of the events you have sponsored during the 2013-14 school year.


Open enrollment applications are completed at Central Office located at
700 Columbiana-Waterford Rd. If you have moved to Columbiana and need to enroll your child (ren) please come to Joshua Dixon Elementary.

Joshua Dixon Preschool currently has a waiting list. Our preschool is M-TH 1/2 days. The cost is...
(4) 1/2 days=$150.00
(3) 1/2 days=$120.00
(2) 1/2 days=$90.00
There is also a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee. Children need to be 4 years old to attend unless the child has a disability he/she may attend at age 3.

Supply lists can be found above.

Please remember that
are to be dropped off prior to 8:30am
Parents are encouraged to pull all the way up at the curb in the morning as this will allow multiple students to exit vehicles at the same time. 
Additionally, there is NO PARKING in the FIRE LANE afterschool. It is also appreciated if people would not park along the curbing in the side lot.   This is a constant reminder yet it continues to occur.  Safety is priority!

   OlweusEVERY MONDAY the ENTIRE school will be wearing our BE A BUDDY NOT A BULLY t-shirts (compliments of PTO) and EVERY class will be having grade-appropriate lessons.  Be a Buddy Not A Bully T-shirts EVERY MONDAY!

Olweus Definition of Bullying:
“Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.”

Three Key Components of Bullying Behavior:
-Involves an aggressive behavior
-Typically involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time
-Imbalance of power or strength



Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in our efforts to minimize afternoon interruptions. We ask that any appointments you make for your child be scheduled on a day and time as to not interrupt the day (such as in-service days for teachers). Early dismissals from school interfere with the learning process (not only for your child but the other students in the class as well), so we ask that you only pick-up your child from school when it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Early dismissal for “convenience” sake is not permitted or considered an “excused” absence.
In addition, transportation changes should be accompanied with a note in the morning.  We cannot guarantee a phone message or email can be delivered in a timely manner if done so in the late afternoon or last minute.

District Calendar Information:

In order to offer you one location to view the following information, Columbiana Schools has updated the event calendar to include:
Academic Calendar/District Events
Joshua Dixon Events
South Side Middle School Events
Columbiana High School Events
Athletic Events
U.S. Holidays

Links to the District Calendar as well as building calendars have
been updated to take you to the new calendar. You may also find
it by going directly to:

You can filter events by clicking on the drop-down triangle in the upper-right corner of the calendar.

It is our hope that this calendar provides you an easier solution for staying current with clipper events.

~Chief Garrity and The Columbiana Fire Department for their visit during Fire Prev. Week
~Nutrition Inc.
~Columbiana Bus Drivers for Bus Safety Lessons
~Dixon PTO & Parent Volunteers
~Officer Boley and the Columbiana Police Department
~Columbiana City Dept.

Still in need of school supplies or a back pack? If so, please call or email Mrs. Sharshan 330-482-5322 ext. 34507 or .  We have some supplies that have been donated and will share until they are gone.

school supplies


Joshua Dixon Named "A School of Promise"

Joshua Dixon Elementary is
Recognized by The State Board of Education
for exceptional effort and success in achieving the designation of
on the
05-06, 06-07, 07-08, 08-09, 09-10, and 10-11 Local Report Cards.

Click here to read the letter from
Deborah S. Delisle, Superintendent of Public Instruction

In the event you are having trouble paying your child’s school fees, please
give Mrs. Miller a call (330-482-5355).  She will be able to assist you in
regard to unpaid fees and charges.


Payment:  Payment for school lunches will be done on the Point of Sale register.  Students have established accounts and can make deposits to the accounts at any time.  Parents can also monitor student lunch history.

Menu:  The menu will change monthly.  The trays will be prepared with a main dish, side dish, fruit and milk.  The only substitute will be a lunchmeat sandwich in place of the main dish.  Students will be able to purchase homemade cookies for $0.25.  If your child does not like what is being served, he/she should bring a packed lunch to school.

Breakfast:  Breakfast is available until 8:50 a.m.  Money for breakfast should be added into the Point of Sale account same as lunch.  Those who get free lunch also receive free breakfast.  See menu for details and choice selection and visit to access your child’s lunch account.

Beverages:  Carbonated beverages tend to “explode”.  Please send juice or other non-carbonated beverages or buy milk in the cafeteria.

Peanut Free Zone:  As a precaution for students with severe nut/peanut allergies, no oils or foods with peanuts or peanut butter will be used or offered by the cafeteria kitchen.  You can still pack your child’s lunch w/peanut butter as the lunchroom will be carefully monitored with peanut free seating available.


School Office (330) 482-5355

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