Don Mook
Columbiana Schools are rated number 4 in Ohio for report card performance index and district and median income by Dale Omori, Cleveland Plain Dealer on
1 day ago, Don Mook
Don Mook
Congratulations: Columbiana Students, Parents and Staff on being ranked 37 in the state by the performance index on the State of Ohio Report Card!
6 days ago, Don Mook
Don Mook
Boys Golf - 2018 EOAC Golf Champions
7 days ago, Don Mook
Don Mook
John Kuzma receives the 1st Clipper Blue Collar award for helping Columbiana achieve 3rd in the state for gifted performance index on the state report card.
8 days ago, Don Mook
Jason Martin
Teacher appreciation night at Columbiana. Go Clips!
14 days ago, Jason Martin
Don Mook
Community support for Tiffany - Pancake Breakfast at CHS, Sunday, September 9th
14 days ago, Don Mook
Jeff Jackson
Cheerleaders and Band usher in the 2018 Columbiana Street Fair!
15 days ago, Jeff Jackson
Don Mook
Mrs Zelonish’s classes at the Canfield Fair
19 days ago, Don Mook
Don Mook
Clipper Marching Band performs at Canfield Fair
22 days ago, Don Mook
Josh Boone
Columbiana ranked 20th out of 608 Ohio School Districts!
3 months ago, Josh Boone