Columbiana Exempted Village Schools is a small district located in the quaint Ohio town of Columbiana. The school system has three buildings: Joshua Dixon Elementary, housing about 315 students in grades K-3; Columbiana Middle School, with approximately 375 students in grades 4-8; and Columbiana High School, with 330 students in grades 9-12.

Columbiana prides itself on a long tradition of excellence in education, with its students performing well on a variety of measures, including both standardized achievement tests and Ohio Proficiency Tests. About 50% of its graduates each year go on to college.

On August 21, 1995, the Columbiana Board of Education approved the following District Plan, which had been written by a team representing certified, classified, and administrative staff members:

Mission Statements

The Columbiana Schools are committed to educational excellence for our students, staff, and community.

The Mission of Columbiana Schools and the community at large is to educate students to achieve their highest individual academic potential, as well as cultivate a sense of personal integrity.

  1. To assist all students in reaching full potential by addressing their needs
  2. To create and sustain a positive environment which nurtures students, fosters learning, and facilitates communication among all staff and with the community
  3. To enhance our educational program through continued analysis, evaluation, and development--particularly in the areas of curriculum and instruction
  4. To promote community involvement in and support for curricular and co-curricular programs
  5. To facilitate learning and improve productivity by encouraging and supporting the informed use of technology by students, staff, and community

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