Columbiana Exempted Village School District’s Transformation Team is now beginning Year 3 (2012-13) of Race to the Top (RttT). Race to The Top is a grant the district received based on strategies put in place for students, teachers, and administrators. Our Scope of Work is broken down into 4 assurance areas: Communication, Standards and Assessments, Using Data to Improve Instruction and Great Teachers and Leaders. The plan includes how all stakeholders will ensure that people, resources, and professional development improve student achievement. The Transformation Team sets and aligns goals and activities. The identified budget area includes providing ongoing, high quality, job-embedded professional development on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), model curriculum, and assessment design. The process involves activities to revise existing curriculum to align with new standards. Both Staff and Administrators are participating in building, district, county, and state-level professional development on formative assessment, Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES), value-added, linkage, resident educator and best practices.

The Professional Development Plan aligns directly with the Educator Standards and through surveys, exit slips, needs assessment forms and conversations the Transformation Team is able to use the data collected to inform future Professional Development opportunities.

All above activities are monitored by the Ohio Department of Education. The Transformation Team meets regularly, many times with support from an ODE RttT Regional Specialist. The Transformation Team members share work regularly through a collaboration center which includes our district’s Scope of Work, Budget, Professional Development Plan, Progress Monitoring System, and Stocktake information and rubric. In the near future, a technology piece (IIS) Gap Analysis Tool will be available for regular teacher use to make data-based classroom decisions.
To view Ohio's Race to the Top (RttT) Year One Progress Report click on the link below.


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