2019-2020 – Columbiana School District is The Place to Be!

Dear Parents and Community Members,


I wanted to update you about some important information regarding the state mandated school closure because of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience and understanding, as this is an unprecedented situation. This is something no one expected, but our teachers and staff are committed to ensuring your child still receives a high-quality education. Virtual learning has started for most of our students. This education looks different building to building, but please know your child’s teachers are dedicated to meeting the needs of every student.  

New protocols have been established in regards to packet pickup and drop off to ensure the safety of everyone. We are trying to minimize paper exchange during this, but understand there are families who have limited or no internet access. Teachers will place new packets in bins on Monday. However, as a safety measure, packets will be under quarantine until Thursday. Thursday is the new designated packet pickup/drop off for all grades, K-12, and will take place exclusively in the Commons at Columbiana High School from 8- 2 p.m. Teachers will not retrieve dropped off packets until the following Monday as a safety precaution. 

I also want to let you know about a change in meal delivery. We are now moving to Curbside Pickup starting March 30. Curbside Pickup will have five days worth of food. Again, please complete the following survey if you have not already done so.

Here’s the link for the survey.

If you don’t have internet access, please call your school building, leave your name, contact information and your child’s name. Meal distribution is free and for every student in the district. 

Curbside Meal Pickup

  • Family Names A-F will pick-up at Dixon, Front entrance

  • Family Names G-N will pick-up at Columbiana Middle School- Multipurpose entrance

  • Family Names O-Z will pick up at Columbiana High School- Band entrance



 A special thank you to our food service and transportation workers for all they’re doing. 

Thank you for your continued support, and GO CLIPS!

Columbiana High School

It’s imperative that ALL high school students check in to every class daily. This is how students earn attendance, and completing assigned work is how students are earning credit.

Mr. Buzzard wants high school students to know and understand they have three important jobs:

  1. Help each other- this means working with your teachers and asking questions. Also, do not stress out your parents/ guardians. 

  2. Check in to all of your classes daily- again this is how attendance is being taken and how every student is earning credit.

  3. Do your work to the best of your ability and turn it in on time. 

Mrs. Cleghorn has met with each class, and is working with seniors in regards to scholarships. 

She’s utilizing Remind to connect with students. High schoolers need to check their school email on a daily basis. She is also working on scheduling for the 2020-2021 school year.

Columbiana Middle School

I certainly miss seeing you at school each day and know that your teachers, aides, bus drivers, cooks, custodians, secretary, and nurse all miss you too. We are certainly looking forward to the day when we can have everyone back to school again. Until then, we have made some changes in order to remain compliant and to keep everyone safe.


We are asking that if at all possible, you receive and submit your assignments electronically. We certainly understand some families may not be able to do this. If this is the case, please pick up and drop off assignments in the high school commons on Thursdays from 8:00-2:00 p.m. of each week. 

Teachers have worked hard to continue providing a quality education during these unprecedented times. I appreciate their amazing efforts, and I appreciate the hard work you are doing at home in order to continue moving forward on your educational journey. 

We will continue to provide lessons through a variety of methods including: teacher web pages, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and email. I will continue to update you through our website, our “Columbiana Clipper” app, text notifications, and through your school issued email address. I will send additional information home with report cards at the beginning of next week with more instructions on how to stay connected.

 Food Pantry

Our food pantry has been moved to the Way Station.

Columbiana PTO-CMS Page

If you have access to Facebook, I would strongly recommend you joining the Columbiana PTO-CMS Page. PTO has been doing some wonderful and fun things. It provides a fun way to stay connected with your classmates, and teachers are even participating.

As always, if you have specific questions or concerns regarding assignments or due dates, please email your teacher. Teachers will respond at the very least during regular school hours. If you have issues finding student work or general questions or concerns, never hesitate to contact me.

 -Mr. Martin

 Joshua Dixon

Report cards are in the mail, so please be on the lookout. A letter from Mrs. Sharshan is also included with your child’s report card with important updates about learning.

Teachers have reached out to every family, however there are some families we have not heard from. That said, if you haven’t heard from your child’s teacher, please call the school at 330-482-5355.

We will make sure your contact information is updated and shared with your child’s teacher. Teachers have attempted to make contact via email, phone, and Remind®. Please double check, and if you have received something, take the time to respond.

Current Blizzard Bag Lessons and Instructional Packets 

CURRENT packets and bags are due by April 3.

  • Other than on-line Blizzard Bag work, I would like to ask every parent to lay out your child’s completed packet of work, snap a picture, and email it to your child’s teacher. This is how teachers will be keeping attendance as such, as well as grades for accountability purposes.

  • Kindergarten students received a packet taking them until April 10. The remainder of packets not picked up, have been delivered to homes.

  • If any family cannot take and send the picture(s), please contact your child’s teacher for alternative options for sharing your child’s completed work.

Beginning April 6, 2020, teachers will be replacing Blizzard Bags with Remote Learning Activities.

These can be found on teacher web pages. They will be available to students from April 6- April 17, 2020. These, just as the instructional packets, will mimic a ‘day in the life’ in that teacher’s classroom. Our goal is to provide quality, impactful, rigorous education. The remote learning activities, along with specials teachers requirements, can be found as a drop-down choice from our school’s webpage.

 Food Pantry

For the safety of all, our pantry has been relocated to the First Christian Church Oasis Food Ministry. They have the proper license to continue distributing food.

 Important Websites and Information Regarding COVID-19

We would like to remind our school community the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID 19 are the same as preventing colds and flu, and include:  

  • Washing your hands with soap and water

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

  • Covering your mouth or nose with a tissue or upper sleeve when coughing or sneezing

  • Avoiding contact with people who are sick

  • Staying home if you are sick and contacting your healthcare provider


The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Columbiana County Health Department

Mahoning County Health Department