Covid-19 Testing

The Columbiana School District has partnered with QUICKMED Urgent Care to offer COVID19 testing and pre-participation physicals on July 8th for any student entering grades 7-12 that will be returning to school for activities this summer for the fall extra-curricular programs. QUICKMED will not charge a fee, copay or co-insurance for families, but your insurance provider will be billed for testing. For those that do not have insurance, QUICKMED has agreed to cover the cost of the testing at their expense.  Results for live virus take on average 48 hours, with antibody testing being resulted on site in 10 minutes.  

This is VOLUNTARY - This test is NOT Mandatory!

Physicals: Free Pre-Participation Physicals will also be provided to any student-athlete or marching band member who needs a physical for the 2020-21 school year.  For those students who do not want to be tested, QUICKMED will charge $20 for the pre-partition physicals.  The pre-participation physicals are free for those students participating in the COVID19 testing process.  
Physicals from Dr. Heintzelman are available on July 11th from 8:00am – 12:00pm by appointment through Ms. Heasley for $10.  Contact Ms. Heasley at 330-506-3811 or via email at The physicals are held at Dr. Heitzeleman’s office @ Mercy Health, 107 Royal Birkdale, Columbiana, Ohio. Appointments must remain in your car in the parking lot until the appointment time. 

Masks are required. In order to have your child participate, you will need to provide the following documentation: 

1. A completed QUICKMED new patient Registration Form. 

2. A completed QUICKMED consent for Medical/Surgical/Emergency Treatment and Child’s Medical Information Form. 

3. A 2020-2021 Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form 

4. Bring completed documentation and your child to Columbiana High School. 

Forms are found at: https://www.columbianaschools.... 

12th Grade begins at 12:00pm 

11th Grade begins at 12:45pm 

10th Grade begins at 1:30pm 

9th Grade begins at 2:15pm 

8th Grade Begins at 3:00pm 

7th Grade Begins at 3:45pm 

Please contact QUICKMED if you have any questions. Any Insurance or Billing Questions should be directed to the QUICKMED Urgent Care, 3499 Belmont Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 44505, 330-476-2260