Brown bags with breakfast

The USDA has extended free meals for students through the end of 2020 (December 31). This means all Columbiana students can receive a free breakfast and lunch. 

Accounts are credited for students attending school in person. For this program, parents/guardians do not need to fill out any paperwork for their student (s) to receive free breakfast or lunch. However, if your child does qualify for free/reduced meals, we ask that you fill out paperwork that you normally would, so when this program is over your paperwork is already completed. 

Remote learners are also eligible for free breakfast and lunch. Please email Tina Minamyer ( if you would like to be a part of the program. Remote learners can pick up meals daily at their assigned school building from 12:30 -1 p.m. 

Pick Up Locations

Joshua Dixon- main doors

Columbiana Middle School- back entrance  

Columbiana High School- back entrance