Two CHS students in biology class

Half way through the first nine weeks grading period, students are happy to be back in the classroom, are tackling new courses and are setting educational goals for the school year. 

“I feel like we’ve kept a high level of education standards, I’m learning a lot with my teachers, said a CHS Sophomore.

Click here to watch a video showing what it's like to be back in school

Going remote for the end of the 2019-2020 school year had an impact on many students. Some said they struggled with remote learning, but now that they’re back in the classroom, it’s a different experience. 

“Being back and school and being able to talk to my teachers, and ask them for help is a lot easier and better for me,” said a CHS Senior. 

“It’s definitely a privilege being able to ask the teachers questions,” added a CHS Sophomore. 

While school is different with COVID-19 health and safety measures in place in all school buildings, students are getting used to wearing masks, daily temperature checks, hand washing stations, maintaining social distance and assigned seats. 

“I feel safe, 100 percent. There’s hand sanitizer everywhere,” said a CHS Senior.

Several middle and elementary school students said seeing their friends is the best part about being back in school.