Student reading a book

Right to Read Week  at Joshua Dixon will be held February 22-26. This year there is no competition for minutes read, simply a fun themed week around reading.  Stop, Drop and Reads will take place in class. Students will also bring a different book each day to read. Each day also has a different theme.


Theme: Favorite Bedtime Story

Apparel:  Pjs and slippers

Stop, Drop, Read: 10 minute in a cozy place


    Theme: Pirates

    Apparel: Dress like a pirate

    S,D,R: Under the desk or table, in the “galley”


     Theme: Favorite Sport Story

     Apparel: Sports Fan

     S,D,R:  Snack with a Story


      Theme: Seuss

      Apparel:  Favorite Seuss Character

       S, D, R:  Same Book, Same Time, Have the Office Read in Rhyme! Time will be at 2:15. 


        Theme: Extreme Clipper 

        Apparel: Red/White

        S, D, R:   Free Choice