Dear Clippers,

School is just around the corner, and we are looking forward to the start of the year.  We would like to remind parents and students that the district is recommending that all unvaccinated students and staff wear masks to eliminate the possibility of quarantines from an exposure to any individuals with COVID-19.  The link provided should provide insightful information to the types of masks that will be most beneficial to individuals that wear them. Please note that masks indicated as anti-mask masks will not eliminate individuals from the prospects of quarantine.  This type of mask is identified in the link. 

The State of Ohio has contracted with a private company, PCG,  to handle isolations and quarantines.  An individual will not be quarantined if identified as a close contact  in our classrooms while wearing a mask or if the individual has been vaccinated.  Please see the link to the Ohio Department of Health Quarantine flow chart:  Our nursing staff will not be responsible for quarantining individuals.  They will work directly with PCG and/or the local health departments to identify close contacts with an exposure.  Phone calls from PCG will indicate they are associated with the health department.  The nursing staff and principals have the authority to exclude any individual student, staff member or visitor who show symptoms of any communicable disease.   They also have the authority to require masks for individuals who have been exposed or show any signs of illness.  We appreciate your cooperation with them.

Please do not come to the school or school events with any illness, and please do not send students who are ill to school.  We hope to keep our in person schooling and extra-curricular activities open.  We need your assistance to make this happen.  Please wear a mask if you are unvaccinated in our school facilities.  

Thank you for your assistance on behalf of the Board of Education and Columbiana Staff.