Germ Blackboard COVID

The Ohio Department of Health’s director, Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, has rescinded the September 3, 2020 Director's Order Requiring Reporting and Notification Regarding COVI D-19 Cases in Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Schools.  K-12 schools are no longer required to report positive COVID-19 cases to their local health departments, unless the school tests a student for COVID-19 and the result is positive.  However, those students who test positive will continue to follow the mask to stay and test to play protocols until the disease is reclassified to a Class B disease or lower.

On a very positive note, the Columbiana Exempted Village Schools have not had a reported positive COVID case in three weeks.  Zero cases in each of the district’s three buildings are a fantastic sign going into the fourth nine weeks.  With that being said, the district will continue to encourage hand washing and good hygiene practices, but will no longer require students and staff to be temperature screened upon entrance to the buildings.  Masks will remain an option for those students and staff that wish to continue the practice. Additionally, we will ask families to monitor for symptoms of COVID and work with our nursing staff to minimize all illness in the buildings.  We have COVID tests available to any of our families who find the necessity to test students or any other family member living in the household.  Simply contact the nurse from your child’s school building, and they will make arrangements to provide you with test kits. 

From a state level, COVID-19 new and cumulative cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and vaccinations that are currently updated daily at will be updated weekly on Thursdays starting Thursday, March 17. Cases will continue to be assigned to the appropriate illness onset date, and vaccinations to their appropriate administration date.  This change also brings Ohio’s reporting system more in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recently introduced new benchmarks for assessing community risk, shifting away from using cases as the sole measure of risk.

As things continue to look up with low incidents of COVID, we would like to invite you to join our students in spring athletics, concerts and other academic programs.  There are plenty of opportunities to see our students demonstrating outstanding student achievements and activities.  Have a great spring and Go Clips!!!