Joshua Dixon Fourth Graders Combine Math and Social Skills to Create Replica and Help Raise Funds for Renovation of Historical Landmark

Mrs. Patrick’s Math Students created their own version of the “Stick House” and will raise funds for its renovation


Mrs. Patrick’s Fourth Graders completed a unique lesson that combined scholastic and social skills, culminating in a replica of the famed “Stick House” Chapel in the historic Columbiana Cemetery. The “Stick House” earned its moniker due to its stick-style architecture dating back to 1890. The structure is currently in disrepair and the Historical Society is raising funds to restore the chapel.


The students began their lesson by determining the area and parameter to place an adequate amount of  “sticks” on their structure. Once the replica was built, the students presented their final product to the Board of Education during their monthly Meeting.


Finally, they joined the fundraising efforts of the Historical Society and will collect $1 from every student who wishes to sign their replica. The replica will be on display at the Log Cabin Museum in downtown Columbiana.